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  • Published November 2022 and updated March 2023.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. My story

    3. Ways to build and preserve wealth

    4. Why business and what kind of business should you start

    5. Start securing yourself so you can stay wealthy

    1. Getting a partner

    2. Finding the right team

    3. How to communicate with your team

    4. How to manage your team

    5. Learning as you go

    6. Building a strong environment at your company and setting the tone

    7. Customer service

    8. Replacing yourself

    1. Taxes

    2. Taking money out of the company to pay the founder(s)

    3. How to make sure you do not get sued for copying a product

    4. Having a strong terms of service and privacy policy

    1. How will you find the right product or service idea

    2. Listening to yourself versus customers

    3. Your own vision

    4. Product market fit (multiple times)

    5. Developing the perfect product or service

    6. Do customers care if your workers are from other countries

    1. Understanding your end goal of the company

    2. Focusing on your early customers

    3. Where to find your early customers

    4. Focusing heavily on the brand

    5. Importance of automation

    6. Gaining momentum and traction

    7. Pick a channel to grow with and leverage it

    8. Adding on more revenue streams and the easiest ways of doing it

    1. The BookingKoala story

    2. Launching your new website in just a few hours

    3. SEO insights and ranking using our website builder

    4. Using the accept/decline scheduling option

    5. Getting more reviews and the importance of internal reviews

    6. Setting up 2 thank you pages plus an inside look into our hiring process

    7. Setting up your booking form and leveraging the Campaigns module

    8. Gift cards to get free money

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