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  • Published May 2019 and updated April 2023.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Understand the structure of your business

    3. Focusing on growth and not savings

    4. Branding your company

    5. Business registration & legal

    6. Taxes and income

    7. Which location do I focus on at first?

    8. Am I doing this alone or with a partner?

    1. Making a logo and picking a name

    2. Launching your website in just a few hours

    3. Setting up your terms and policy

    4. Properly leveraging smart scheduling to save time and money

    5. Setting up your service area

    6. Setting up sales tax

    7. Selecting your services and pricing

    8. Cancellation policies and feedback

    9. Getting more reviews and the importance of internal reviews

    1. Cleaning yourself or outsourcing?

    2. W2 verus 1099s

    3. Insurance

    4. Teams or individuals?

    5. How much should I pay my providers

    6. Where to find your cleaners

    7. How to hire your cleaners

    8. Guide: Hiring scripts

    9. Managing your cleaners

    10. Hiring your first office employee

    11. Dividing roles at your company and when

    12. Managing your office staff

    1. Where to start at first for free

    2. Focusing on reviews and where

    3. Leveraging the campaigns feature

    4. Using coupons regularly to sell more customers

    5. Using gift cards to bring in more profit

    6. Properly structuring your referral system

    7. Facebook guide

    8. Craigslist guide

    9. Yelp guide

    10. When to use a lead form versus a booking form?

    1. When should I get an office?

    2. How to add in more revenue once I plateau?

    3. Going into new locations

    4. Adding more services

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